About US

Welcome to Kaypackaging! We understand that you are looking for a premium and cost-effective packaging printing company to handle your project and that’s why you are here.

We will be delighted to work with you. Our printing specialists and experts are waiting for your order to create unique packaging boxes that will make your product stand out of the crowd.

The quality of packaging boxes used has so much influence on product sales. That is why at Kay Packaging, we utilize not only modern printing technology but premium materials to consistently deliver outstanding packaging boxes.

Kaypackaging is a packaging company with a difference. We have a mission to help new and existing businesses achieve successful market penetration by providing top of the line packaging boxes to foster successful product launch, storage, and transportation.

Our Unique Products and Services include:


Because of the numerous choices clients may have and our readiness to offer 100% client satisfaction, we use materials with a varied degree of thickness for printing packaging boxes.

We are very much concerned about quality. For products that require additional protection, we can create packaging boxes with extra padding on the inside on demand.


We have successfully recruited the best team to handle all packaging projects. These professionals have many years of experience in the industry, so they know exactly what you are looking for before stating it.



We derive satisfaction from making our clients happy. That is why our printing services are 100% unique. We create packaging boxes from the scratch to differentiate your brand from other competitors

We also provide custom packaging boxes with different shapes, sizes, colors and designs on demand.


We understand the importance color plays in beautifying and enhancing the attractiveness of packaging boxes. That is why we color our packaging boxes with the latest color technology.

Our graphic designers are experts in what they do. Whether you are looking for captivating artwork on your packaging boxes, we have professionals whose creativity will surpass your imagination.

Grab children’s attention by designing your packaging boxes with special cartoon characters. We can help you achieve that and even more. Our printing specialists will make suggestions on how to make your packaging boxes unique. And when it comes to creativity, we never run out of ideas.

We use CMYK, PMS and latest color technology to provide a variety of color options to choose from.


We offer numerous finishing options and work according to clients’ requirement. We provide outstanding finishing that helps to enhance the appearance and durability of packaging boxes.

Our finishing options include spot UV, glossy, embossing, de-bossing, etc. Request for any style and we will deliver right away.


We are able to deliver quality printing solutions because of the latest printing technology and techniques we have at our disposal. We are current with the industry trend and always upgrade our machines and techniques when necessary.

We utilize modern printing technology such as digital, onset, onscreen and other latest printing technology to deliver quality packaging boxes according to the request. Whether you want information printed inside or outside of the packaging boxes, our technicians are ready to provide that.

We offer diverse printing option and designs. Request for ribbons, die-cut windows, perforations, laminations or any design and we will deliver right away.


We offer hundreds of free template designs to inspire clients to choose the best packaging boxes for their products.  We also never run short of ideas and can create any design you want that’s not in our gallery.

Many companies request payment for such services but we offer design services free of charge to reduce packaging cost for our clients. We also offer attractive rates despite offering quality services.

We are always open for business. Our customer service agents are available for you every hour of the day. You can also contact us through email, chat or phone call.

Contact us right away to join hundreds of businesses benefiting from our unique printing services. In addition to utilizing premium materials and technology, we also offer wholesale custom boxes at the lowest rates.

We have been servicing the packaging needs of hundreds of businesses within and outside the USA. We also offer the lowest rates for delivery outside the USA.