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What is Sculpteo?

Sculpteo could be a French company specialized in 3D printing within the cloud. Sculpteo offers a web 3D printing service, exploitation fast prototyping and a producing method involving optical maser sintering or stereolithography. the corporate was supported in June 2009 by Eric Carreel (co-founder of Inventel, non heritable by the method in 2005, and Withings), Clement Moreau and Jacques Lewiner. Sculpteo offers online printing services, notably in Europe and North America

What is 3D Printing?

3D Printing could be a producing technique that uses additive processes. It consists of adding heaps of skinny layers of a given material to create a three-dimensional object. In order to form objects, 3D printers square measure following building programs supported geography knowledge compiled into 3D files. This way, 3D Printers square measure solely adding (or turning solid) the fabric within the acceptable areas and stilt up to form the amount of the thing. every 3D file is split into slices and build layer by layer.

3D Printing makes a physical transcription, a 'materialization' of that digital knowledge, that opens wide potentialities for power. This new printing technique is usually thought-about as being revolutionary because it takes a very completely different logic then older typical production strategies. With the normal industrial processes, the machines take away material, 3D printing adds material.

Purpose of sculpteo

Sculpteo offers a web 3D printing service for professionals and people. From a 3D file, Sculpteo manufactures real objects like interior decoration, figurines, robots, miniatures, scale models...It additionally provides access to a 3D style market. Since 2012, Sculpteo offers mobile applications which might generate 3D files and order their manufacture directly from the smartphone. With its supply of 3D printing for professionals similarly as for the overall public, Sculpteo provides people access to 3D printing in an inspired type that integrates skilled designers within the chain of production.

Sculpteo Background

  • March 2016, a partnership with Carbon permits Sculpteo to supply the 3D printing technology "CLIP".
  • January 2016, Sculpteo launches a replacement material for additive producing that's additional versatile than the others TPU. many branches square measure targeted, like the medical branch and also the rag trade.
  • November 2015, the pc Sprout by H.P. integrates the 3D printing service of Sculpteo.
  • January 2015, at client physics Show, Sculpteo reveals Final Proof, a tool that enables users to apprehend the ultimate results of the thing file before printing.
  • November 2014, Sculpteo launches a free service named "Thickening" aimed to strengthen the strength of fragile components while not having to use a modeling code.
  • May 2014, Sculpteo seeks to cut back 3D printing prices and material dissipation by optimizing the amount of used material. during this lightweight, the corporate launches a free service named "Hollowing". an equivalent month, designers conceive innovative 3D objects that Amazon, in partnership with Sculpteo, proposes in a very dedicated online store opened in Gregorian calendar month 2014.
  • January 2014, at the city client physics Show, Sculpteo unveils "3D Batch Control", a cloud 3D printing service designed for professionals and businesses in would like of short-term producing. It permits users to transfer a 3D file, amendment the scale and dimensions of the thing directly inside the browser, choose a printing material and order their style to be 3D written and shipped.
  • Late 2013, La Poste launches a 3D printing service in post offices, in partnership with Sculpteo.
  • March 2013, Sculpteo commercializes Lighting plug connectors factory-made in 3D printing.
  • September 2012, Sculpteo launches 3DPCase, the primary smartphone app able to generate the 3D file of associate degree iPhone case directly from the smartphone. For the app, Sculpteo is granted the worth of Best pioneer at CES 2013. This new approach of unit production highlights the pliability of the web 3D producing method and permits the corporate to commercialize iPhone five cases before the launch of the iPhone five.
  • January 2012, Sculpteo launches the 3D printing Cloud Engine and also the Sculpteo app at the buyer physics Show in the city. The app transforms human knowledge into a 3D written object exploitation associate degree iOS device.
  • January 2011, Sculpteo launches their online 3D printing service for the overall public by permitting users to form your own avatar from easy 2nd photos shapely in 3D.
  • The company is formed in June 2009.

  • Sculpteo 3D Printing Materials

    Discover all of the chances once it involves 3D printing! Sculpteo offers over seventy five completely different combos of 3D printing materials and finishings, complete with all of the web optimization tools you’ll flip your 3D file into an entity. we tend to guarantee the best-skilled quality from every of our progressive 3D printers and printing techniques.

    To go into the uses of the various 3D printing materials, you'll be able to see business applications and learn additional regarding the various 3D printing technologies. We’ve categorized the materials into six ‘families’:

    Plastics Metals Alumide – charged plastics Resins Multicolor

    Sculpteo with HP:

    Sculpteo was elect by H.P. to integrate the new H.P. Multi Jet Fusion technology for quicker 3D printing. It works ten times quicker with H.P.

    The H.P. Multi Jet Fusion Technology

    Formed for production, the H.P. Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing resolution permits to fulfill the requirements of industrials that square measure producing purposeful prototypes, little or medium series of ultimate components, machines, and spare components.

    This technology works in the following manner. A printhead by selection drops fusion agent microdroplets on a powder bed, then associate degree electric heater fusions the components penetrated by the fusion agent. the utilization of printheads associated to lamps permit to considerably accelerate the producing speed by creating it freelance from the surface to fusion (contrary to the method supported laser).

    The procedure used is way less aggressive by exploitation powder, that is additionally easier to recycle. H.P. has additionally developed a proprietary system of fast cooling of the components when printing, similarly as an automatic utilization station for the powders and also the offer units, so permitting a high productivity of the system. For now, this technology permits to print components in gray and black, in polymer PA-12 (Nylon), a solid and versatile plastic. different choices are unveiled within the next months. For Clément Moreau, the beginner of Sculpteo. In digital producing, speed is of the essence. With HP, Sculpteo continues to introduce to supply a manufactory progressively cheap, quick and precise”.

    A technology ten times faster!

    Simple to use, this technology permits to provide components considerably quicker, up to ten times examination to different existing technologies. this can permit Sculpteo to use 3D producing even additional, in several domains. Sculpteo can consequently open new views to the producing of finished objects that were not possible up heretofore. The economic equation of additive producing is game-changing. For Marine Coré-Baillie's, decision maker of Sculpteo “37% of the businesses that place associate degree order on Sculpteo.com enkindle a quicker service”.

    Sculpteo, forever at the last of technology

    Once again, Sculpteo shows its can to deliver the widest alternative of 3D printing technology. The service will thus meet the requirements of the shoppers with higher preciseness, at any stage of the producing method, in development similarly as producing method.

    Once again, Sculpteo shows its can to deliver the widest alternative of 3D printing technology. The service will thus meet the requirements of the shoppers with higher preciseness, at any stage of the producing method, in development similarly as producing method