Either you are an artist with an introductory album or software maker, compact discs are the fundamental thing to make your voice heard and recognized in the market. CDs are fragile and inflexible components that react swiftly to environmental effects and scratches, making them impotent to execute respective tasks proficiently. In this regard, to help you keep your disks harmless and working, CD covers are an exclusive and dependable packaging solution. These are strong and resistant to ecological influences as well as to elude marks and scrapes. They have manufactured out of high quality yet eco-friendly Kraft paper and paperboard materials that ensure the product safety all the way.

Types of Cd Covers

kayPackaging offers several cd cover options with a diverse range of designs and styles. Prominently you can avail off four basic types of cd jackets or covers that we offer as;

  • Bookend CD cases
  • Two Panel Cd Jacket
  • Four-Panel Cd jacket
  • Six Panel CD jackets.

Furthermore, we also offer a vivid range of customization options for these compact disc covers and jackets. From die-cutting, perforation, creasing, window cutouts, gloss and matte lamination, lavish quality graphics and visuals, printed product details, and brand logos to the state of the art designs templates, our packaging designers are highly competent to fulfill your needs without any hesitation. You just have to place an order, and for the needed type of CD cases and to provide our experts with details and aspects to incorporate, our experts have the expertise and talent to provide you with up to the mark solutions.

Materials overview

We are familiar with the nature of the compact discs of being easily exposed to environmental aspects. While manufacturing these covers, we consider all the possible countermeasures and use the best available materials to ensure our packages are a perfect match for your discs to prolong their functionality for a maximum time. We usually use sturdy cardboard and kraft paper materials along with gloss and matte lamination and inside waxing that help us ensure protecting the packaged CDs from contamination, abridges, and possible chemical interactions that might cause damage to them. So, while buying from us, you must be sure that you will be getting exquisite solutions.

Why you choose us?

If you seek a platform where you can get desired and up to expectation solutions within your budget, congrats, you are at the right one. kayPackaging has been serving a vivid range of businesses and brands with unbeatable packaging and printing solutions. In the US packaging and printing industry, no other supplier can beat our product quality standards. We firmly believe in facilitating our valuable clients to every end to let them take advantage of our packaging products to make their products stand out in the market. We offer wholesale prices on the bulk orders that start from only 100 units, which is also the least ordering limit that any packaging supplier offers. Along with that, you can also take advantage of;

Free shipping

We offer free shipping facilities for standard orders for the USA's entire product range. For rush orders and buyers from other countries, our shipping rates are very feasible and low compared to market rates in this regard.

Free Design support

To benefit clients in getting up to the mark solutions as per their needs and imaginations, we allow them to provide us with their legit artwork and design aspects. However, if they do not have time or skills to design required packages on their own, we offer them free design support. Our designing experts are always ready to make it easy for our clients to have the best possible solutions with their means. Before finalizing and finishing orders, we also offer 3D mockups and even physical samples to ensure you are getting the best-suited solutions from us.

Free die-cut

Here is worth noting that along with other free assistance, we also do not charge our clients with die-cut or plate-cut equipment fees. Its also helps us keep our prices for you affordable. We also do not add any unseen or described charges in the prices of these covers.

Least Delivery Time

Do you want to have your desired and required CD packaging solutions on an as on as possible basis? We are your perfect choice in this regard. As soon as you place an order and finalize your design and pay to the company, we ensure that your placed order is delivered with 10 to 12 business days at your doorsteps as we value every minute of your precious time. For Rush order, this duration gets further lessened to 4 to 6 business days with little additional service charges.