Rectangular boxes are one of the most used packaging solutions, and almost every kind of manufacturers love them as they are versatile and enclose a wide range of packages. It has been experiencing that most in the case of weighty and large-sized products, these boxes are considered reliable and resilient solutions as they increase product safety and let brands and retailers ship and transport them with comfort and ease. None of the other packing solutions can beat these boxes when it comes to sturdiness and aptitude to uphold the product quality until its use.

Where Rectangular Use?

The foremost and most realistic characteristic of these boxes is their customizability and usage flexibility. KayPackaging offers a wide range of designs and customization options for these boxes, and you can get them in every color, size, and shape by the packaging needs of your merchandise. You can use our designed and manufactured rectangular boxes for a large number of products, including retail items, foods, display items, weighty mechanical and electrical products, and a lot of others. There is no limit to use them for any purpose as you can get them customized in the desired way and for the desired product.

Materials overview

We always give product quality preference and ensure that our customers should be having the best value for the spent money. In this regard, to uphold our product quality standards, we always use high quality, long-serving, and eco-friendly materials in the manufacturing of all kinds of packaging solutions we offer. We use cardboard, Kraft Paper, Bux board, and other types of paperboard materials best known for their legacy in the packaging industry.

Why do you want KayPackaging?

KayPackaging knows what it takes to provide its clients with the best value and unbeatable solutions to help them stand out from the crowd of similar. We are a renowned name in the packaging industry as we have incomparable quality standards and go to every end when it comes to facilitating our clients. From pricing to customer care and secure product delivery, we do everything that helps our clients to have affordable and exceptional quality packaging solutions for their products.

Professional overview

Our team of professionals comprises highly experienced and qualified designers, customizers, and printing specialists. To keep our experts up to date, we arrange exclusive training and equip them with state of the art tools and technologies. It enables us to deliver you the latest, trendy, and up-to-mark solutions and makes us unbeatable in the market.


With us, you can take advantage of multiple additional offers to help you get affordable solutions to save money to flourish in the business. We recommend bulk ordering as we charge our clients at wholesale rates who go for bulk quantities. On top of that, on every national, seasonal, religious, and cultural event ranging from Christmas to Memorial Day and Black Friday, we offer multiple discounts round the year.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping services for buyers within the USA. This facility is available on standard orders and all kinds of packaging and printing products we offer. However, if you are looking for rush deliveries or from any other country, we will facilitate you too and charge you the least possible shipping rates.

Free Design support

Don’t you have time to design or accumulate artwork requirements for your needed packaging solutions? You do not have to worry about it. We offer free design support, and our designers will be making all efforts to make you available with unique, trendy, and anticipation designs and artwork solutions for needed boxes.

Free die-cut and Plate-cut

We consider every aspect that can help us reduce our prices for our clients. In this regard, we do not charge our clients with the costs of die-cut and plate-cut equipment usage.

Delivery Time

From you can expect to get your orders at your doorsteps within the promised time as we know the importance of every minute in the business. We ensure that our clients are getting timely and up to the mark solution and serve their last-minute orders. Our delivery time is 10 to 12 business days for standard charges, and for the rush deliveries, this is just 4 to 6 business days. However, this time starts when you finalize your needed designs and approve press-ready files that we send you as a sample.