With the advanced technology available for packaging, there are many unique and innovative packaging designs now available in the market. Top closure boxes are famous among all as they are highly perfect in functional nature and serve both to protect and promote the products in a matchless way. They are manufactured with the highest quality cardboard and Kraft materials that are highly protective and versatile in nature. The printing and lamination options for these boxes are also perfect and matchless.

Types Of Top Closure

Top closure boxes differ in shape and size as the applications of its types are distinct. They come in several multiple shapes and sizes depending upon the nature of products to be packaged in them. The printing and customization options for the design also depends upon the products to be packaged in them. KayPackaging provides you with the widest range of top closure boxes, we provide you with high-quality double-wall tuck boxes, four corner boxes, self-lock cake boxes, gable bottoms bag, and gable bag auto bottom.

Materials Overview

We provide the highest quality packaging to our customers, and for this reason, we have strict quality standards to make the premium nature of packaging by our brand is ensured. We only use the highest quality cardstock such as cardboard, Bux board, and Kraft that is 100 percent organic in nature. These materials are superior in sturdy nature and can resist all sorts of damaging factors and contaminates. They are also matchless in sustainable nature and can be easily recycled again and again.

Reasons To Using Top Closure

Using the highest quality packaging solutions for your products can help to elevate the sales and reach of your business and make the profits of your brand go higher. Top closure boxes can prove to be perfect in the situation as they provide you with the best competitive advantages over other packaging designs. The top closure packaging provided by our brand is best to protect your products and keep the risks of contaminates away from them. They can also help you to make the shipping process more secure along with promoting your products efficiently among consumers.

Why We

The market is now full of different packaging companies providing their products and services to the consumers, but the point that makes our business stand apart from them is our commitment to quality. We are never compromising the quality of our products and services at any cost and always serve you in the best way possible. We also provide bundles of free services to help you save your money along with the professional team that can help you on every step.

Skills Overview

Our brand is the pioneer in the packaging world as we have years-long experience in the field. We have a highly trained staff that is professional in every sense to serve you. The state-of-the-art machinery under our use combined with our expertise helps us to cut the lead time and provide you with products in due time. The consumer satisfaction level for our business is 100 perfect as we deliver what we promise. Moreover, the payment method used by our brand is also secure to maintain trust in the best possible way.


kayPackaging is highly professional to help you in any situation. We care about the money of our customers and provide them with bundles of special discounts. We have special offers for you during special occasions. The overall rates of our products are also low along with special discounts we provide for the bulk orders. Our loyal customers can also get special discounts for their every order.

Free Shipping

Shipping is one of the processes we never take for granted. We serve our clients in a matchless way; thus, we take it as our prime responsibility to ship and deliver all the products on the doorsteps of our consumers for free. Our trusted shipping companies can make it possible to cut the lead time and deliver the products within time without any risk of damage to the packaging.

Free Design Support

All the product differs in shape and size and thus require it is essential to use customized packaging designs for them that are precisely designed according to the requirements. We always try there to help our customers to design the best packaging for their products. We offer free design support for our products, and you can discuss your ideas and requirements with our team to get the best outcomes.

Free Die-Cut

Special packaging designs require special customization options for both aesthetical purposes and protective requirements. Die-cutting can always help you to get the top designs of packaging that are premium in nature. Our brand does not charge for such customization options. You can use the die-cutting options for free by purchasing the packaging from us and save your money in the best way.

Delivery Time

We understand the importance of time in the industrial sector as any sorts of delays can result in the businesses lose thousands of dollars. The highly trained staff at our brand and the latest manufacturing technology used by our brand makes it easier for us to deliver the products within time. The turnaround time at our brand is as low as 4 to 6 working days to process and deliver the products at your doorsteps. For further details regarding the products and getting custom quotes, contact us at support@kaypackaging.com/.