The quality of packaging boxes used to package and deliver a product can go a long way in affecting sales and product reception. That is why at KayPackaging, we make use of the best technology and finest of printing specialists to create the most fantastic packaging boxes. Metalized boxes are particular kinds of packages with gold foil or silver finish. Cardboard boxes for cosmetics boxes created with this unique design option will make the packaging box look highly attractive. Coupled with the unique finish, the die-cut design on these boxes will increase product visibility in the most fantastic way. Kay Packaging is the leading packaging company and one of the finest in the packaging niche. Our many years of experience, coupled with hard work, have brought us where we are today. Order for cardboard eyeshadow packaging boxes with metalized finish options and have them delivered according to your request. And no matter the volume of the custom boxes you want, our packaging team is ever ready to meet your demands. Our packaging boxes are prepared for delivery within 4-6 business days irrespective of order.

Buy Metalized Boxes Online

If you are looking for the best place to buy metalized boxes wholesale at the best and lowest rate, then head straight to Kay Packaging. We offer all our customers reasonable rates to help to lower their packaging costs while maintaining quality. Our packaging boxes are highly affordable and customized with premium quality materials to help secure the product. So whether you need quality custom food packaging with a metalized finish or planning to showcase your cosmetic brand, metalized packaging boxes are the ideal boxes to choose from. Creating quality packaging boxes is easier said than done. Many manufacturing companies have spent hundreds of dollars on the packaging but don't end up with the quality they are looking for. At Kay Packaging, we are very concerned about our customers and offer the best packaging solution that will take their business to the next level.

Why is Kay Packaging Unique?

Premium Packaging Printing:

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with Kay Packaging. We also use the best materials to ensure that products are well packaged and delivered most fantastically. We present our client's packaging boxes with different thickness levels. These materials are offered for clients to make their own choices. We also utilize the best packaging technology, such as digital, offset, and onset printing techniques.

Highly Creative Packaging Team:

Besides the quality of the material, the design of the packaging is also essential. Our staffs are not only creative but highly experienced. Your Metalized boxes will be designed according to your specifications. Request for any design, shape, and length of packaging boxes, and we will deliver right away.

Hundreds of Free Templates:

KayPackaging offers hundreds of free templates to customers. These templates are provided to help inspire our customers to make the right choice of packaging boxes appropriate for their product.

Eco-friendly Printing Solutions:

To make our Eco-system safe and habitable, Kay Packaging, since inception, decided to make use of only Eco-friendly materials. These materials are free from harmful chemicals and safe to use.

Quick Delivery Service:

Our packaging printing is within 8-10 business days, irrespective of the volume of the order we receive. We have revolutionized the packaging industry by providing quality and affordable packaging boxes in the shortest industry time.

Free Shipping:

Our customers in the USA will get their merchandise delivered to their doorsteps free of charge. We also carry out distant delivery to clients outside the USA. We do offer not only the best rates for our products but also remote delivery.