Term And Services

Terms and Services

To make use of this website, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions written herein. Kaypackaging has full right to change the terms and conditions written herein with or without notifying users. We encourage users to carefully read through the pages on regular basis.   

The materials used in creating your printed products are completely own by Kay Packaging. We do not permit selling or giving out any of these materials. Kay Packaging has the right to share free samples of the products we have printed for you. We also reserve the right to display them as samples on our website at anytime

Copyright Notice

Kaypackaging already believes that by deciding to use this website, you already have complete understanding and know very well that the entire content on this website which includes the software, graphics, texts, data, images, maps, illustrations, icons and other materials which we refer to as “Our Website Contents” are property of Kay Packaging and its third-party providers.

We forbid anyone from modifying, copying, storage, transmission, republishing or sharing of “Our Website Contents”. We may take legal action against offenders who use these materials without any permission from us.

Conduct of Users on Our Website

Kaypackaging shall not take responsibility for anything uploaded or posted on our website. Clients who post, send, upload or distribute via our doing so on their own volition.

With regards to our terms and conditions, you agree that any material of such nature that you post, send, upload or transmit to or through our website or used together with contents on our website will not carry sensitive information about Kay Packaging such as image, text, trademark, design, service mark or copyrighted work of any third party. The only basis upon which this can happen is when you have obtained permission to do so from the main owners. You also agree not to post, transmit to our website or distribute unlawful, indecent materials or images or prevent others from using our website or infringe on the intellectual property rights or any other property rights of Kaypackaging .com or any third party.

Kaypackaging owns all content on the company’s website but we do not take responsibility for contents posted on our websites by users or customers. Therefore, we do not guarantee whether the content posted is of good quality, accurate or shows great integrity.  In such cases, we are not to be held accountable in the event that you get exposed to things you may find inappropriate, offensive, indecent or objectionable.

You should also be aware that Kay Packaging and other authorized designers affiliated with the company reserves the right but not obligation to remove any content or material that goes against the terms of service. Content posted or transmitted via our website that violates our terms of service can also be made available by law or in a situation where such disclosure is highly needed to:

  1. Enforcement of the terms of service as written herein
  2. Comply with legal proceedings
  3. Respond to claims that such content is against the rights of third parties; or
  4. Secure the property, rights, safety and integrity of our website, customers, users as well as the general public.

We shall not hesitate to prosecute fraudulent use of our website. We expect users to provide accurate information for processing order or request or update their information when necessary.  We also forbid accessing our website by automated means or through robots.

By placing an order or using our services, we assume that you have the necessary permission and authority to ask Kaypackaging to process request placed by you on your behalf. We also assume that you have reached the legal age to make use of our website.

It is your responsibility to protect not only your password but control access to the account you registered with us. You agree to take full responsibility for the usage of your account, including placing an order or any action taken through your registered account.

We have the right to request for any information, be it business or personal for processing of your order. To access certain areas of our website, we may also request users to register first.

It is your duty to protect information pertaining to your account, including securing of a password and other sensitive information. Kaypackaging will not take responsibility for that and we believe any transaction made through your account is done by you.

You agree that you have read and understood our privacy policy, otherwise please contact us if any part of the terms and conditions written herein is not clear to you.

Indemnification And Limitation of Liability:

By using this website, you agree to completely defend, indemnify and hold harmless Kaypackaging.com as well as its directors, members, representatives, employees, vendors, affiliates, suppliers and subcontractors from and against any claims, or damages, in case a charge, claim or arbitration, action or proceeding ( collectively, a “Claim”) is laid or opened against the company based on or relating to or because of any alleged wrongful acts of the customers or alleging that the printing done or product created by Kay Packaging and ordered by the customer;

(a)    Are the causes by unauthorized access to any area on the website protected by a password

(b)    Has issues that are defamatory, libelous, slanderous and obscene

(c)    Infringes on any patent, copyright or proprietary right of any one.

Kaypackaging shall be compensated and held safe from any loss, destruction, harm or vandalism that can happen due to any claim.

(1.)    Paying for any award or judgment

(2.)    Defending or protecting us against such claims

(3.)    Reimbursing us for any legal fees incurred during response


Kaypackaging will not be held accountable for events like accident, death, damage, or any hazardous event that occurs to its marketing staff, employees, workers, media members or relevant authorities resulting from the use of our website or in a situation where any third party was recommended of such a possibility of damages.

In no condition will the total liability that will be accrued to you for any of damage, losses, and causes of action including but not limited to negligence, as a result of this agreement or your use of our website will not be more than the amount you had paid for the order or request placed on Kay Packaging.

Return and Refund Policy:

We give room for clients to report any printing fault in the final printed product or if the product wasn’t done according to the agreed specifications. You can inform us within 3 business days from the time the order was sent to you. If your printing was faulty or not done according to request, we will reprint the original and make the corrections as requested. We do not refund money under such conditions. Our management team will look into the reprinting and ensure it is done accordingly. In the case of default printing, clients are requested to send using their own expenditure, digital photos of the defective product to the company within 7 working days. Accelerated orders attract some charges which we do not refund.

Payment Order Placement, Cancellations:

Products on our website are priced and paid for in USD (U.S Dollars. Our online payment is secured and we also expect clients to use authenticate payment sources. Please be informed that Kaypackaging will start working on your order once we receive the complete amount for that order which includes shipping charges, taxes, e.t.c.

The process of placing an order on our website include sending the final form to the company, which includes the product or services requested for through electronic file or hard copy of the product or services they need the company to work on. We believe that you are certain of your request and that you have concluded on the printing you want. Once we receive an order from you, the printing tasks are immediately sent to the press department to commence work. We will not be able to initiate any changes once printing task is sent to the press department. However, orders can be canceled within 4 hours from the time the project is approved. Cancellation of projects attracts some charges. We charge $25 as well as 5% of the total amount of money paid for the order in question. Customers also have a 24 hours duration to cancel their order from the time request was initiated but this normally attracts a 50% charge of the total payment for the order they have placed on the website. The 50% requested will be used to cover part of the expenses incurred by the company as a result of the waste of resources as well as the productive time spent on the project. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the opportunity to cancel orders placed after 24 hours will always be possible. We will always notify you if this is possible.

Design Orders:

Kaypackaging does not permit any refund of monies for designing services orders requested by clients. You cannot cancel such orders in the case of design services. Should you proceed with the cancellation of the order, payment already made will not be refunded.

Sales Tax Policy:

Customers are free to place an order from any location. But clients who order within the state of IL have to comply with the laid down tax policy by paying sales tax also. If you happen to be a tax exempt, please endeavor to provide your tax exemption certificate at the time of placing an order for us to verify.

Customers Submitted Artwork/Files

Our creative artwork designers will make use of the artwork provided by the users from our website to produce new designs. Kaypackaging requests clients to present files of their artwork in 300 dpi (dots per inch) in the final form. The file should also be presented in the CMYK format for ease of use. We request clients to provide files in this format for best results. Kay Packaging will not be held responsible for providing blurred printing or printing something that is entirely different from what you have requested for when you provide us with a different format.

Our staffs are very careful about the quality of what they deliver to clients. The client responsible for placing the order is to be blamed in any occasion that the printed work did not come out the way it was expected as a result of orientation or sequence of the order placed. Clients are given total responsibility for files or artwork uploaded on our website. The material and any other files posted by you on our website will remain your property under the law. Therefore, Kaypackaging will not be responsible for any loss resulting from your printed orders.

The company has the full right to turn down any order that violates third party right or that is considered unlawful. The company can also decline an order without stating the reasons for such actions when such order is viewed as offensive, abusive or indecent.

Proofs and Color Accuracy

We request clients to complete order placement as requested by Kaypackaging. This also includes sending of the company final form of the product or services requested. The file should be sent in a hard copy or electronic and should contain information about the product or services which the client needs the company to perform. We will like to inform clients to go through the files carefully to examine and if necessary, update the proof. Kay Packaging should not by any circumstances be kept waiting for contradicted proofs that can cause delays. We have a set time to deliver orders as indicated on our website and we also take this seriously. However, our turnaround time as written on our website takes effect once the proof of agreement is settled.

Clients are, therefore, asked to carefully go through the proof before accepting it. Original documents should also be checked for errors which could be spacing errors, copy errors, punctuation, printed text errors or wrong image positioning. Proofs presented in electronic forms do not handle transparency; over printing issues or color improved from the RGB or Pantone to CMYK. We will not be held responsible for any printed version of the products with laminations. Clients are to take full responsibility for every single detail contained in the final approved proof.

In line with our modus operandi, the color that will be printed will be created from the artwork file submitted. However, we cannot guarantee if the color will look exactly as that color because of certain reasons, which could be the built-in laminations of the printing processes, including the adjoining picture ink needs. In fact, we cannot guarantee 100% color accuracy in this case. Before placing an order on this website, you agree and accept this drawback of the system. Kaypackaging is much concerned about delivering quality work. And we always encourage our staffs to provide error free work and do their best in every project. However, in the event that any drawback in color occurs, there will be no reprinting done for color changes. We will like to state clearly that Kay Packaging will not be held responsible for such color changes as it occurs due to system limitations. We will not be held responsible for features like the ink, matching color and density on the printed product which was approved by you.  We can only guarantee you color precision and matching if a hard copy proof is ordered by you from our company.  Though the hard copy proof will cost you more, there is a guarantee that you will get the color precision and match that you seek.

No Liability for Errors

Kaypackaging will do everything possible to ensure 100% client satisfaction, but we will not be held responsible if any error occurs in the final printed product. These errors may include;

  • Font mistakes
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Grammatical errors
  • Percolating marks
  • Graphics punctuation
  • Over printing errors
  • Erroneous fonts
  • Die lines
  • Cracks in folds
  • Cropping marks
  • Difference in finished product size

*Our packaging materials are shipped flat. You also have to assemble them on arrival because they are shipped pre-assembled.

Gang Printing:

Kaypackaging uses the latest printing techniques to provide top of the line packaging boxes. However, we do not make use of the combined or gang printing technique for most of our printing projects. According to how we do our printing and the customer’s demand, we can use any printing technique we feel suits the project and packaging needs more.

Overruns Under runs:

In line with our modus operandi, we provide clients with the exact amount of product requested for and some additions. We do not also charge money for the extra amount of products we give to our clients. If we deliver a fewer amount of product than expected or an under run, Kaypackaging will deduct a number of products that have been delivered. Our rule is that we deliver about 5% extra of the final product.

Production Speed, Shipping and Delivery of Orders

Our printing turnaround time starts counting immediately you pay the complete amount for your order to us and also share your order with file/artwork. You can share either of these files in hard copy form or electronic. The production speed and turnaround time will be activated once the shared content reviewed by the press department is agreed upon. We expect clients to send their agreement to the proof on or before 10 am Central Standard Time (CT). We will do our best to stick with our normal delivery time of between 4-6 days. Clients’ order after completion will be shipped to their destination but we shall not be held responsible for any losses or damages incurred during shipping or in case of any delay relating to shipping. Kaypackaging shall not be held responsible under such circumstances as we do not have control over the weather or custom activities during shipment.

You accept to be billed the complete amount for both customs duties and fees for products to be shipped to their respective destinations. To prevent any delay in delivery, clients are expected to pay up the complete amount s of custom for products shipped outside the United States of America.

Kaypackaging uses 10 to 12 days for shipping products while for accelerated shipping, we use 4-6 days ( ground shipping takes 2 – 3 days) for any location within the United States of America where there is no weight and quantity limit. Customers will have to pay an extra charge for shipping products to extra locations. The company shall not be blamed legally or otherwise for any loss incurred during shipping. The company will also not be responsible for transportation timings. However, clients can notify us of such incidents after 6 business days that shipment has been made. But in the event that you provide us with a wrong delivery address or make mistakes while submitting your main delivery address, we will charge additional fees for handling shipping charges for reshipment to be made.

Changes to our Website and Terms and Conditions:

Kaypackaging reserves the right to re-reproduce, change or alter any part of our website or terms and conditions written herein. Such actions can be taken without issuing any notice to users of our website. New changes made to our website will become binding immediately they are added to our website and we employ users to abide by them.

How to Contact Kaypackaging?

If you have any query or suggestions, please contact us at support@kaypackaging.com. You can also call us at 1800-396-1840.

Signup for Free-Re seller Program:

Kaypackaging offers clients free reseller sign ups which can amount to up to 40% off on standard quotes. We will also ensure that all future queries be processed with discounted quotes. Processing orders on our website are very simple. The step involved is to contact our sales rep for a form or simply email us at support@Kaypackaging.com.

Your subject should carry to: Re-seller form required.

We will respond to your request and send the format within 24 hours from the time of receiving your request. However, the form upon completion can be submitted to your accounts manager or send to support@Kaypackaging.com.

Kaypackaging is determined to offer not just the best packaging services but the cheapest rates. There are a lot of benefits to receive in doing business with us. For further inquiries, please give us a call at 1800-396-1840. We will be glad to hear from you.

Please note that Re-seller may decide to sell product through their brand, channel, stories or website. Kaypackaging.com may decide to make available certain materials to assist Re-seller in marketing the products.