Why KP

With an ever increasing business competition across the globe, businesses small or big are looking for unique opportunities to outshine each other. Creating a nice product is not all that counts but the packaging used in presenting such products. That is one of the reasons Kaypackaging has remained the go-to packaging company for businesses looking to stand out of the crowd. 

Kaypackaging is one of the leading packaging companies with more than a decade of experience in the packaging niche. In addition to being more experienced, we never run out of ideas no matter how complex or demanding the packaging project might be.

We have remained the favorite of many businesses because of;

Fast Turnaround Time:

We set the pace for others to follow. As a leading packaging company, we have made our printing services so organized that no matter the volume of order you place, products will be delivered to your doorsteps within 4-6 working days.

We also do not compromise on quality no matter the volume of the client’s order. Our commitment and focus are to deliver quality packaging boxes that will help our clients take their business to another level.

Highly Creative Printing Specialists:

The recruit of staffs was one of the toughest decisions we had to take from the onset. We had a high standard laid down before commencing recruitment, so every applicant was well scrutinized.

We understand that the strength of any establishment lies in the quality of staffs handling its affairs. That is why we are happy to have successfully recruited the best brains and experienced professionals to give 100% satisfaction to our esteemed clients.

Our creative specialists know their onions. No matter the product type, we will create unique packaging boxes to help achieve successful market penetration. Hundreds of templates are also created and made available to all our clients free of charge. We believe that the templates will help motivate our clients to choose the best design and packaging boxes for their product.

Modern Printing Technology:

In addition to the fact that Kaypackaging uses modern printing technology and technique, one thing we are known for is that we always like to upgrade and be part of the latest happenings in the industry.

We utilize modern printing color techniques such as the CMYK and PMS color technique to create highly captivating packaging materials. With special finishing techniques such as the gloss, matte, spot UV, embossing, de-bossing, the durability and attractiveness of these packaging boxes is also enhanced.

Cheap Wholesale Rate:

Kaypackaging offers wholesale packaging boxes at the cheapest rates. Our main priority is to help our clients reduce their packaging costs while maintaining the quality of their packaging boxes to help enhance sales.

We are very much concerned about the quality of packaging boxes we produce. And despite offering the lowest retail rates on the market, we have never compromise on quality.

100% Support for Eco-friendly Printing:

In order to protect the environment and make it inhabitable and safe for all, Kaypackaging is uses 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. You won’t have any cause to worry about filling up the entire place in your compound with debris as the cardboard material used is sturdy but can degrade easily.

Our packaging boxes are printed with the safety and health of our customers and end users in mind. Our packaging boxes can also be used to package any kind of product be it consumables or otherwise

100% Unique Printing Solutions:

We use not just premium materials but offer highly creative graphic designers who can handle any project from complex to simple. Kaypackaging has the best-bespoken services in the niche. Our printing specialists know exactly what you are looking for before you even go ahead to state them.

We create packaging boxes from the scratch, according to the specifications of our esteemed clients. You can request for any shape, design or style of packaging boxes to be made and our creative designers and printing specialists will get it done just the way you had requested it.

The materials used also comes in varying degree of thickness so all clients can make their own choices. This also gives clients the opportunity to order packaging boxes that will not go above their budget.

Free Shipping:

Kaypackaging offers free shipping services for clients within the USA. We will deliver products to your doorsteps free of charge once the order is placed for delivery within the USA.

We offer the lowest rates for distance delivery. You can contact us to place an order no matter your destination.

Open to business for all:

Irrespective of your location, size or knowledge about the packaging boxes to choose, Kaypackaging is open to transact business with you. We will guide you in every way possible to achieve your aim. You will be able to choose the right packaging boxes and make the right decisions for other new products.